Welcome to the San Diego Tracking Team

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Bobcat The San Diego Tracking Team is dedicated to promoting the preservation of wildlife habitat in San Diego County through citizen-based wildlife monitoring coupled with environmental education programs. For over 10 years, the SDTT has conducted wildlife track and sign surveys to evaluate the health of key species, the connectivity of open space areas, and the efficacy of the city and county's Multiple Species/Habitat Conservation Plans. We train volunteers from all over San Diego County who together commit over 1500 hours per year to monitoring approximately 50 locations around the county.

Scientific advisors from public resource agencies and academic institutions oversee our protocol, and our data is used in planning transportation and urban development projects. We also encourage public engagement in conservation issues through our walks, classes and presentations.

Coyote-Bobcat Tracks

Our Strategies:

  • Sustain and grow the San Diego Tracking Team (SDTT) - A consortium of regional volunteer tracking teams to support monitoring of wildlife in San Diego County.
  • Regularly monitor the presence (and absence) of certain target and rare species that reflect the health of the ecosystem, and record that data consistently for all of San Diego County.
  • Provide SDTT data and analysis to enable thoughtful development, conservation, and restoration planning in San Diego County.
  • Participate in San Diego County efforts to monitor and improve the effectiveness of planned conservation efforts (e.g., MSCP, MHCP).
  • Facilitate the San Diego community's awareness, involvement, and appreciation of the environment and the importance of conserving habitat by providing various public outreaches and education opportunities.
P.O. Box 502345    Telephone: (760) 715-4102
San Diego, CA 92150-2345    Email: info@sdtt.org